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2 thoughts on “People Who Lie Once Might Do It Again”

  1. Dr. Stead. All of your articles have been most enlightening and informative. Thank you for making the public more aware of these problems in our Healthcare System. It would be very helpful if you could suggest some of the ways we as patients can be more diligent and pro-active concerning our own healthcare. Thank you.

  2. Previous generations of patients almost questioned physicians about medical records and medical decisions. That has changed; it is imperative for the patient to be first and foremost her/his advocate. Problems nearly always are created when there is no perceived communication between physician and patient from the outset of the doctor/patient relationship; thus when a problem arises the relationship often becomes adversarial. A clear, concise, accurate and transparent medical record is an invaluable “insurance policy”. My teacher taught me very early, “the sick never inconvenience the well”. In this instance an ill patient was inconvenienced physically and emotionally and it was preventable. Yes, the patient must be a responsible self-advocate, but too, the physician must be a caregiver in every meaning of the word.
    O.W. Jones, MD

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