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3 thoughts on “Elimination Of “Why Do They Do It? Because They Can!””

  1. With regard to consent forms, I have become a more informed consumer and made a personal commitment to literally read every word when the forms are presented to me. Recently within the pre-op process for an outpatient surgery I was presented with the forms. The representative handed the clipboard to me and waited for me to quickly sign. I indicated that I would be reading the document and would let her know when I was finished. She seemed surprised. When reading the document there were several components I wanted to ask questions about, such as “when and where” would I speak to the anesthesiologist prior to the procedure. I wrote the question down on the form. The form also identified a procedure within the surgery that I didn’t remember discussing. I wrote down on the form, “what is this procedure”. When the office representative returned for the form I indicated that I didn’t want to sign the form until I discussed my questions with the doctor. The doctor came in and did an excellent job of answering the questions. I then signed the form. It felt really good, and I believe that the office representative and the doctor did not experience this consumer behavior very often. Imagine the patient actually wanting to read the consent form word for word and “not sign” until fully understanding its contents. At no time did I distrust my providers or assume there was intent to deceive me, rather I was intent on modifying my behavior to be an informed and proactive consumer of medical services. In addition to this new consumer behavior for consent forms, I recently emailed a physician and pointed out some discrepancies in my records and asked for clarification and consistency so I could be clear on the status of my condition. This also felt good to seek information and confirm with my physician that I actually do read the information about me in records.

    1. If only 5 or 10 percent of patients read and make notes on medical consents, all sorts of health care entities and individual providers will be forced to become much more transparent in the content of the consent. Hooray for “anonymous!

      I will make a new chapter of recent consent stories.

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